A simple guide to Samoa

Talofa Samoa currently focusing on providing information where to eat in Samoarestaurants and cafes in and around Apia Samoa.

Located half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa has been enticing tourists from far and distant lands with its breath-taking nature and unique culture for centuries. 

Each of the nine islands of Samoa has a distinct environment and its very own vibe and together, the islands make for an unforgettable experience. Rightfully called ‘the postcard of natural beauty’, Samoa offers rugged volcanic mountain peaks covered in lush rainforests next to vast valleys leading to the powder-white sandy beaches. Take advantage of the countless opportunities to explore the local nature through diving, cycling, hiking or surfing, or seek relief from the heat near one of Samoa’s many cascading waterfalls. The gem of Samoa is its coastline, with white sandy beaches stretching for miles in each direction, overlooked by sheer cliffs that offer breath-taking views of the Pacific. 

To explore these and many more of the wonders of Samoa, you need a local guide. We at Talofa Samoa have dedicated ourselves to helping tourists discover the beauty of Samoa’s islands and turn their visit into the experience of a lifetime.



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