Whipped Apia

Fresh, handmade gelato and sorbet

Whipped Apia ice cream and brown
Whipped Apia sorbet
Whipped Apia mango ice cream

Whipped Apia is Samoa’s first and only gelataria, scooping hand-made gelato and sorbets (dairy-free ‘ice-cream’) fresh, in small batches. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced ingredients that highlight our Pacific flavours. Our Siamu Popo (coconut jam), Koko Samoa, Faausi Esi and Vaoala Vanilla gelati as well as our Fala & Pasio (pineapple and passionfruit), Sasalapa (soursop) and Suafa’i (banana soup) sorbets help us to provide our customers with a unique taste of Samoa in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Opening times 
Wednesday2pm – 7pm
Thursday2pm – 7pm
Friday2pm – 7pm
Saturday2pm – 7pm
Sunday2pm – 7pm

About Whipped Apia

Whipped was somewhat of a ‘light-bulb moment’. In Samoa, there’s really nowhere you can go when you’re just wanting a quick catch-up but the cafes are closed, you’re not wanting a heavy meal and you’re not wanting to go for a drink, we were simply trying to fill that gap. We wanted to provide a casual and relaxed space where family, friends and individuals could go and just ‘hang-out’. Since opening, the shop has served that purpose and so much more – there’s nothing more gratifying than bringing a smile to our customers’ faces and seeing their eyes light up when they see their favourite flavour in the cabinet or when they find a new flavour they simply can’t say no to! As cheesy as it sounds, we’re in the business of spreading happiness just as much as we are scooping gelato!

Whipped Apia ice cream and sorbet
Whipped Apia three scoop ice cream
Whipped Apia ice cream on brownie

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