There are lots of things to do in Samoa; the beautiful Treasured Islands of the South Pacific.

The Independent State of Samoa, or Western Samoa, is a country composed of six islands. Samoa is part of the former British Empire; or Commonwealth of Nations. The islands are halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

People have been travelling to Samoa for over 3,000 years. Today, Samoa is a popular tourist destination because of its great climate, peaceful location, and warm oceans. Travellers come to islands because there are many things to do in Samoa.

The list of activities in Samoa is endless, but here are 10 wonderful things you can do on your Samoan holiday. There are lots of places to go in Samoa and things to do in Samoa.

1. Take a road trip on Savaii, Samoa’s largest island.

Savaii has 22 kilometers (13.67 miles) of paved roads that run to the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Savaii is one of the largest islands in the South Pacific; so there are many places to explore. Samoa is sparsely populated; so it is easy to find an uncrowded beach on your road trip, or enjoy the solitude.

Must-see wonders on Savaii include the gorgeous Afu Aau Waterfall on the Southern Coast. Equally spectacular are the Alofaaga Blowholes; where the surf creates geysers on the shore.
Along the way you can stop at lots of great sand beaches. The beaches are just a few of the places to go in Samoa.

2. Ride The Bus

You can save money, protect the environment, and experience Samoan culture by taking the bus. A bus ride will introduce you to Samoan music and allow you to meet real Samoans first hand. For those who think Samoa is expensive, the bus offers a low cost alternative to pricey rental cars.

3. Stay in a Fale on the Beach

A Fale is an open hut that sits on the beach. Renting a Fale allows you to sleep right out in the beach and enjoy the ocean air. An added benefit is that many Fale operators provide meals so you will not have to cook.

The greatest advantage to staying in a Fale is that you can run down and jump in the water or fish. The climate in Samoa is so nice that you will not miss having walls or windows.

4. Visit the Samoan Cultural Village

The Samoan Cultural Village is the best tourist bargain in the islands. Everything at the village is free; but you will experience Samoan culture. Village visitors will see a dance show and help cook a traditional Samoan meal in an Earth Oven.

The guides at the Village will tell you everything you want to know about Samoan culture. The Cultural Village is a great way to take a break from the beach and expand your mind. The Cultural Village is one of many free and low cost activities for in Samoa. So the claim Samoa is expensive, is not true.

5. Ride a Bicycle

With its gentle roads, lack of traffic, incredible scenery, and great climate, Samoa is the perfect place to go bicycling.

Best of all, almost everything in Samoa is an easy bicycle ride from your hotel or Fale. If you worry that Samoa is expensive, bicycles provide cheap transportation and exercise in the islands.

There are plenty of bicycle rentals and cycling tours in Samoa. A great way to experience the real Samoa is to take the back roads of Savaii and Upolu. There is little traffic, but lots of great beaches and scenery. Bring your phone or camera because you will take lots of selfies along the way.

6. Go Surfing

Samoa is one of the best spots for surfing on Earth. The waves are spectacular; the beaches are uncrowded; the weather is warm, and the water is clear.

Surfing is a huge part of Samoa’s culture and economy so wave riders will feet at home. There are several resorts catering to surfers on the islands. If you are on a budget, there are many websites that can guide you to great waves in Samoa.

7. Go Fishing

Samoa is one of the top game-fishing destinations in the world with crystal clear waters.
The reefs around the islands abound with fish including marlin, mahimahi, barracuda, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, and wahoo. There are plenty of charter boats and tours available to take you to the best fishing

If you want to fish on shore ask politely because villagers on Savaii own the fishing rights on many of the beaches. Asking permission is a good way to find a free fishing spot in Samoa.

8. Visit a Spa

Samoa is becoming widely known as a spa destination. Many of the spas incorporate traditional Samoan healing techniques incorporating the islands’ rich plant life.

Powerful natural treatments mixed with a relaxing climate and the ocean make a Samoan spa the perfect place to relax and unwind. Natural treatments from Samoa include bananas, papayas, coconut oil and organic honey. A trip to the spa is the perfect way to recuperate after a day at the beach.

9. Go Diving

The clear water of the beautiful lagoons around Samoa’s islands makes them the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkelling. The reefs offer easy diving, 900 fish species and over 200 kinds of coral.

Beginners should arrange a trip through a dive centre because there are dangers in the ocean. Experienced divers should have no problem exploring the islands waters on their own. Always get permission before diving from shore because villagers own many beaches.

10. Visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

The author of Kidnapped, Treasure Island, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was one of the first and most famous Europeans to visit Samoa.

Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last five years of his life in a house at the base of Mt. Vaea outside Apia. His family buried Stevenson in the rain forest at the top of Mt. Vaea.

Samoa’s government has turned the mansion where Stevenson and his family lived into a museum. The grounds feature botanical gardens, panoramic views of Apia, Samoa’s capitol, and the library where Stevenson wrote his most famous tales.

The walk up Mt. Vaea to Stevenson’s grave is one of the best hikes in Samoa. There are two routes both of which offer plenty of exercise and a chance to experience the rainforest hand.
If you take the hike make sure you bring a picnic lunch because you’ll want to spend time on Mt. Vaea. You will require insect repellent, a hat, comfortable clothes, and a water bottle, because the heat and bugs on the trip can be uncomfortable.

This is just a tiny sampling of the many things to do in Samoa. Make sure you conduct a lot of research before you travel to Samoa. There is a lot to enjoy in this beautiful group of islands with one of the world’s best climates.

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